Do you feel like you're drowning in clutter?

I help you clear the clutter using a customized personality-based plan so you can eliminate stress, stop wasting time and money, and start loving your home.

What do women say about their cluttered homes?

“I feel like I’m not an adult and I have this dirty secret.”–Dina

“I get angry with myself and wonder why I can’t get it together.”–Jo

“It’s so overwhelming and I don’t know where to begin.”–Johanna

Can you relate to Dina, Jo, and Johanna? If you’re saying, “Yes! I feel exactly the same way!” you are not alone.

You’re like millions of women who are longing for a clutter-free home.

Well, today is your lucky day! Because today, you may have just found the solution you’ve been looking for!

There is a way to banish the clutter that is causing overwhelm and anxiety.

There is a way to get rid of the mess that is causing stress and weight gain.

There is a way to stop feeling so frustrated with yourself and your family.

You can stop wasting time and money that you would rather spend on creating a life you love!

Instead, you can have:

  • A home where you are surrounded by only things that you love and that enhance your life
  • A home where you can think clearly and where you make purposeful decisions–not decisions based on fear, boredom, stress, or sadness
  • A sense of gratitude for what you have in your life
  • A new appreciation for yourself, how you look, and how you feel
  • Strong relationships with family and friends as you learn to focus on what truly matters
  • New thinking patterns that take you from worry and stress to power and abundance
  • More time and money that you can use to better serve your life’s purpose

Nobody should have to live in a home that causes stress and sucks the life out of their dreams.

You deserve to live a life of clarity and purpose! Don't let the clutter in your home stop you!

I understand.

I understand how it feels to look around at all the clutter, heave a deep sigh and sink into a chair feeling totally defeated and unmotivated. Then the guilt sets in. You know you SHOULD do something about all that clutter, but what? How? When? You wonder how things got this bad in the first place.

It's not your fault.

Nobody PLANS to have a cluttered home. It happens completely by accident! But all that can change.

You just need the right tools and a caring guide to show you a new way of living!

My name is Melissa Howell, and I want you to know that there is hope!

As a home organizing expert, I’ve spent years researching home organization and applying what I’ve learned in my own home and helping hundreds of others declutter and organize their homes.

I’ve combined all the best methods and practices with my knowledge of psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and personality types to create a one-of-a-kind, customized organizing program that gets YOU quick, permanent results.

I call it the Home Organization Made Easy Program

(or HOME for short)

I’d love to share it with you! 

You CAN Declutter Your Home Once and For All Using My Signature HOME Girl Method. Here's How it Works:

Take the quiz

Take a fun quiz to find out your HOME Girl Organizing Type! Are you a Heroine, Dreamer, Model, or Superstar?

Check your home girl plan

Choose a task for the day from your custom HOME Girl calendar.

Watch a video

Watch the video that tells you how to do the task you've chosen.

Get to work

Follow the directions in the video and watch your clutter disappear!

“A fool-proof way to get through your clutter at a pace that is perfect for you and your busy life.”

Melissa Howell's Home Organization Made Easy Program is the most in-depth organizational program I have found. Melissa can help you turn a stressful, chaotic, overwhelming mess into something manageable and sustainable. She helps people regain a sense of peace at home. You can't put a price on peace of mind and the kind of relief this program will help you attain.
Melissa--Home Girl Superstar

Here's What You Get in the Home Organization Made Easy Program

Your Home Girl Organizing Profile & Strategies

  • Learn what motivates you and how to keep your motivation high
  • Find out how to best allocate your time; for example, should you work in 15-minute increments, or 3-hour blocks?
  • Learn how to gently inspire others (like family members) to participate
  • Get specific organizing strategies that make the most of your natural tendencies and talents

Value: $399

Your Home Girl Custom Three month plan

Follow the specific plan for your HOME Girl Organizing Type for maximum success.

In the program, you get access to all four calendars for each HOME Girl Organizing Type. Feel free to mix and match to best suit your own needs.

Need more than three months to finish? No worries. Go at your own pace.

Value: $199

Action modules in both text and video format

I’ll teach you everything you need to do, step-by-step, to completely declutter and organize your home. 

You’ll also learn to shift your mindset and hone your decision-making skills so you don’t re-clutter your home.

Nothing will be left undone or left to chance. I hold your hand, every step of the way.

Value: $999

Membership in our Exclusive Private HOME Girls Facebook Group

In our group, you’ll get:

  • Daily access to me (Melissa Howell) as your coach and mentor.
  • Weekly Facebook LIVES where I answer questions and give encouragement.
  • Weekly check-ins so you can stay accountable and share your success.
  • Support from other women sharing your journey.

Value: $499

Surprise Bonuses and Success Tools

I have tried to think of literally EVERYTHING you need to be successful as you declutter and organize your home, and I’ve included it in the program for you!

From checklists to job cards to pantry labels, (and much, much more!) it’s all here.

Value: $299


Decorating Style Boards

Once you get your home decluttered and organized, it’s time to make it shine! Learn which design style you’re most drawn to, and get ideas for decorating your home in a way that reflects who you really are!

3 Months of Healthy Meal Plans

You’re going to be busy decluttering and organizing. I know you also probably want to save money and eat healthy. Cooking at home is the best way to do both! Each week, I’ll email you the plan for the week full of healthy, delicious dinners. I’ve also selected meals that are quick and easy to make so that you don’t spend your valuable time slaving in the kitchen.

Module 10: Artwork, Photographs, and Digital Pictures

This special bonus module will help you organize and preserve all your pictures, whether they are prints or digital. You’ll finally have all your pictures organized so that you can enjoy them!

Dressing Your Truth Online Makeover

The essential bonus for every HOME Girl! This incredible program will help you choose clothes that honor your energy type and bring out your true beauty! Never wonder if you look good again!

The combined value of all these bonuses is $474!

Total Value of the Home Organization Made Easy Program with the extra bonuses is


Your Cost Today


$99 a month payment plan available

“This is a must-do course if you want peace and simplicity in your life.”

Learning how to simplify and clean out the clutter is what brings peace to your soul. This course is like a great friend who is willing to hold your hand and help you every step of the way. The further you get in the course, the easier it gets, the happier you are, and the nicer your home feels!
Jenn--Home Girl Heroine

Hi. My name is Melissa Howell, and I am a recovering messy person.

I still remember the day as a third grade teacher when I returned from an absence to find that my substitute had cleaned and organized my desk, bought me stacking file boxes, and had labeled everything. I was embarrassed and a little offended! How dare she just take over my stuff? The truth was, I knew my desk was a disaster, but I didn’t have a clue about how to keep it clean.

Fast forward 20 years where instead of just a messy desk, I now had a messy home with enough junk to fill a 40-foot semi truck! That’s not an exaggeration. That’s actually what it took to hold all of our stuff the last time we moved. When I found myself secretly wishing that the truck would catch on fire and all our stuff would burn so I wouldn’t have to move it into our new house, I knew I had a problem!

From that moment on, I became obsessed with organizing. I read all the books. I read all the articles. I sorted through endless tips and tricks. I found some good advice, and some not-so-good advice. In the end, I completely decluttered and organized my whole home. It was amazing!

I wanted to share everything I’d learned! But then I had a thought: What if the things that worked for me don’t work for other people? What if their personalities need different strategies?


That’s when my HOME Girl Method was born. I took all my years of studying psychology and personality types and created a one-of-a-kind program that helps you maximize your innate gifts and talents as you declutter and organize your home.

You won’t find anything else like it. A program created just for you, that GETS you. And support from an organizing expert who truly understands what it’s like to be in your shoes.

I’ve interviewed Cory Chalmers, star of the T.V. show Hoarders, taught my organizing methods to packed classes at BYU-Idaho, and my advice has been featured on BuzzFeed. But that stuff doesn’t really matter. What matters is that I am 100% confident I can help YOU.

I can’t wait for you to become a HOME Girl!

I know you might be wondering...

“Will the HOME Girl Method work for me?”

I want to give you the chance to try it out risk free! I’m offering a full 90-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you do the work and still aren’t extremely satisfied with the results, you get your money back.

Notice this isn’t just a 14-day or 30-day guarantee. I want to give you a chance to really try out the program and see if it works for you.

50% of people say they have too much clutter in their homes. 80% of them say they don’t know what to do about it. 

You shouldn't be part of those statistics.

  • You shouldn’t be one of those people who is stressed out, overwhelmed, and distracted from your true purpose in life. 
  • You shouldn’t be one of those people who wastes time and money every day because of the clutter in your home.
  • You shouldn’t be one of those people struggling with unnecessary depression, anxiety, or weight gain.

Instead, you deserve to be:

  • The “fun” grandma whose house everyone loves to visit.
  • The professional who comes home from a hard day of work and is able to relax in her peaceful surroundings.
  • The stay-at-home mom who is able to easily find what she is looking for and care for her children with patience and love.
  • The woman who lives her life with clarity and purpose and who has energy to pursue her goals and dreams.

You can go from stressed out and peaceful and purposeful. Get instant access to everything now!


$99 a month payment plan available

You have questions? I have answers!

Q: What if I don’t have time to declutter and organize?

A: If time is an issue for you, then decluttering and organizing your home is going to solve that problem! Think of all the time you’ll save by not looking for things and not doing extra cleaning! (You can expect your household chores to be reduced by up to 40%!)

Plus, I’ve made it super easy for you because I’ve planned out your next three months in detail and given you custom time management strategies that are perfect for your HOME Girl organizing type!

Have a big event coming up and can’t start right away? No problem! You have lifetime access to all the materials, so everything will always be here for you, whenever you need it.

Q: Do I need to buy any extra things, like special organizing systems or boxes?

A: Nope! Not a single extra thing! If you have three laundry bins, baskets, or boxes, you are good to go!

Q: What if I can’t figure out my HOME Girl type, or I’m a mix?

A: Perfect! Figuring out your type isn’t as important as having all the strategies you need at your fingertips. Since the program has profiles and strategies for all the types, you’ll be able to pick exactly what works best for you and your life.

Q: What if I just don’t have the money for this right now?

A: Yes, I know the single payment of $497 may not be in everybody’s budget, and that’s why I offer an affordable monthly payment plan. ($99 for six months).  By purchasing the course now, you’ll have the benefit of investing in yourself, creating a positive, powerful mindset, and saving thousands of dollars by changing your shopping habits. I really DO want everybody to be able to experience the incredible life-changing benefits of the Home Organization Made Easy Program. So if you REALLY want to do the course but can’t afford the $99 a month payment plan, email me, and we’ll figure out a payment plan that will work for you. My email address is

Q: What if I buy the course and it just doesn’t work for me?

A: I want you to know something. I don’t give up on people. So if you’re struggling to get through the course, I’m here for you. If you can’t get motivated to declutter, I’m here to give you a pep talk and kick in the pants to get going! (A very soft kick in the pants. I’ll still be nice!) If you follow the simple program, no matter how long it takes, it WILL work for you, or I’ll eat my shorts. Not really. But you WILL get your money back 🙂

Do you have even more questions? Email me personally and I will write back with answers. You can reach me at

“I truly can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from this program.”

The concepts you teach in this program blew my mind! And instead of being negative and stressful, the whole process is so positive. You've given people absolutely everything they need to succeed!
Vikki--Home Girl Heroine

P.S. If you just scrolled to the bottom...

Here’s the deal:

You can get the Home Organization Made Easy Program, the only psychology and custom personality-based program available, for only $497, a savings of $1,898.

In the program, you’ll get the entire HOME Girl Method, which includes:

  • Your HOME Girl Profile and Strategies, valued at $399.
  • Your HOME Girl Custom Three Month Plan, valued at $199.
  • Your Action Modules where you’ll learn how to declutter and organize every area of your home, valued at $999.
  • Membership in our Exclusive Private HOME Girls Facebook Group, where you’ll get ongoing support, accountability and inspiration, valued at $499.
  • Surprise Bonuses and Success Tools, including checklists, pantry labels, and many additional resources for your success, valued at $299.
  • Extra Bonuses: Home Design Style Boards, Three Months of Healthy Eating Plans, Action Module 10: Artwork, Photographs and Digital Pictures, and the Dressing Your Truth Online Makeover, valued together at $474.

Total value=$2,869

Your cost today=$497–over 80% off!

When you transform your home, you transform your life.


$99 a month payment plan available